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School Newspaper

The Rambitious Weekly

 The Alta Loma Journalism class is proud to bring you The Rambitious Monthly. We are the eyes and ears of the Alta Loma student body. For more information or to offer questions, comments, or constructive feedback, please contact Mrs. Duncan.

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The Rambitious Weekly was brought to you by...

Editorial Board: Shannen R. (EIC), Khalil D. (Assistant EIC), Junior C., Younis Y., Katherine M., AJ A., Jadene A., Carolann O.

Broadcast Directors: Nicole H. (director), Dominique D. (assistant director)

Lay-Out Editors: Julia D., JJ J., Jessica L. - The "J-Team"

Production Team: Cristen C., Sammy G., Jakarta K.

Display Case Managers: Joshua G., Luz N., Karlie O., Katie P.

Reporters: Andrea A., Devin A., Franchesca B., Geralyn G., Irene H., Victor L., Lucy M., Dahlia N., Mary P., Kayo R., Jack S., David S., Braedyn S., Fiona Z., and Zee Z.

Mrs. Duncan, Adviser