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Dress Code

The staff of Alta Loma Middle School feels strongly that clothing should never be a distraction to the school environment. Students are directed to wear Alta Loma Middle School's "required wardrobe" at all times. The following garments may be purchased from our official school vendor, Simply Uniforms, 7801 El Camino, Colma, CA   (650) 757-5722.  

Uniform  Requirements


  • Plain white polo, no logo, short or long sleeves

  • Plain white turtleneck, no logo                        

  • Plain white undershirts only are to be worn under polo shirts                        

  • Shirts are to be tucked in  


  • Navy blue or Khaki cotton pants (color swatch provided)                        

  • Pants are to be worn at the waist with a brown or black belt with plain buckle.                       

  • Pants are to be straight leg and proper length: no sagging, no ballooning (tied with rubber bands), slash pockets, no jeans style or cargo pants  


  • Navy blue or Khaki walking length shorts, slash pockets (no cargo style shorts)

  • Above the knee, but no “short-shorts”. Shorts should also be no longer than knee length  


  • Sports Graphics plaid only, appropriate length  


  • Sports Graphic plaid, navy blue, or khaki  


  •  Safe and durable shoes are a necessary part of the school uniform/clothing. 

  • They need to fit properly, be comfortable, offer protection from rough surfaces, moisture, and give good support.  

  • Shoes with roller inserts, “heel wheels” are not allowed for safety reasons. 


  • Only sweatshirts with the Alta Loma logo and approved colors are acceptable. 

  • Polo shirt collars should always be visible by being worn outside the sweatshirt top. 

  • Absolutely no hooded sweatshirts are allowed on campus. 


  • Only jackets with the Alta Loma logo are permitted on campus during class hours (this includes passing time). 

  • Non Alta Loma jackets may be worn before school, during lunch, and after school. 

  • Non Alta Loma jackets worn during class time will be confiscated.

Confiscated sweatshirts and jackets will be returned only to a parent or guardian. If the item is not picked up by the last day of school, it will be donated to charity.  


Non-Uniform/Free Dress Days

During non-uniform or "free dress" days, the dress code is intended for students to feel comfortable and perform well. Keep in mind the following regulations: 

  • Any article of clothing, jewelry, manner of hair style or makeup which is determined by the building administrators to materially and substantially interfere with the educational process is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to: 

  1. Hairstyles that utilize bright, glowing, unnatural color or extreme, distracting styling or form

  2. Potentially dangerous jewelry or fashion accessories that are sharp, brittle, or fragile that could cause injury or be used as a weapon,

  3. Those expressions which are obscene, profane, pornographic, representative of a clear and present danger of illegal behavior, disparaging or demeaning to others such as racial, religious, sexist or ethnic epithets or advocating pain, death, suicide, gang affiliation, violence, or use of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco are not appropriate for school.  

  • Baggy and sagging pants are not allowed. Pants waist is to rest snugly above the hips, supported by a belt. Students are prohibited from wearing more than one pair of pants at one time.  

  • Belts are to be plain black or brown only, properly sized and fitted to the waist. Only one belt buckle is permitted on the belt.  

  • Sweatclothes are to be worn in Physical Education classes only. Alta Loma Logo sweatshirts are allowed over collared shirts.  

  • Apparel with bare midriffs, strapless shoulders and low cut necklines are not allowed.  

  • Tank tops, half tee shirts, halter tops, tube tops and fish net shirts are not allowed.         

  • Non-Alta Lomahats, caps, hair nets, hoods, or other types of head coverings are not allowed on campus. 

  • Glasses, other than prescription, shall not be worn inside school buildings. 

  • Only prescription tints are allowed on campus.  

  • Attire that is worn or altered in such a way as to identify students with non-school clubs, teams, or gangs is not allowed. (This includes, but is not limited to, oversized clothing, hanging belts, bandanas, handkerchiefs, suspenders off the shoulders, and gang related initials on belt buckles.) 

  • Unhemmed cut-offs, short shorts, jogging shorts, bicycle shorts, or extremely tight shorts are not appropriate for school.  

  • Shoes must be worn at all times. 



Failure to follow school policies regarding the uniform and dress code may result in the following:

  • Detention

  • Non-Participation  for school activiies, events and reward days.

  • On free dress days, inappropriately dressed students will be removed from class until a change of clothes is received from home.  

  • Repeated uniform or dress code violations will result in Saturday school and/or suspension

For additional information, please see the Student Handbook,

or call the Principal.