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Health Information

General Health Information

Alta Loma no longer has a school nurse as part of their full time staff. However, a district nurse and staff members who have formal first aid training are available to assist when needed. 


If a student becomes ill during the school day, he/she should report to the teacher for a pass to go to the Health Office. An authorized adult (On the emergency card) will then be called to come and pick up the child. Unfortunately, students who would like to "lie down for an hour” with a headache cannot be accommodated in the Health Office, so a student must decide either to stay in class or to go home. Only a parent/guardian or authorized adult may pick up your child from school. Students may not go home by themselves.  



School personnel are prohibited by law to dispense any medication to students. If it becomes necessary for your child to take medication during the school day, contact the Health Services Office at 877-8797 for instructions on obtaining approval for administration of medication to a student. California Education Code prohibits any non-prescription drug on campus.   



If a student is injured at school, he/she should report to the teacher in charge.  Parents will be contacted if more than basic first aid is required.  Paramedics will be called in case of an emergency.

Medi-Cal and Healthy Families

Health Insurance is available for your children.


Call to ask about Medi-Cal requirements for adults and children.

San Mateo Health Insurance Telecenter (HIT Center): 1-800-223-8383

San Mateo County Human Services, Children's Health Initiative: (650) 573-3595

Medi-Cal Office in South San Francisco: (650) 877-5608

Healthy Families

Call the San Mateo Healthy Families Program 1-800-880-5305,

To find out if you are eligible for the Healthy Families benefits.

For more information regarding health benefits go to: Health Plan of San Mateo