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Computer Class Turn in Assignment



Internet Safety


Picture in Name

No Gum, Food or Drinks

Classroom Rules

1. Absolutely NO Gum, Food, or Drinks in the Classroom

2. Stay in your assigned seat
3. Do not roll your chairs
4. Log off, do not shut down.

5. The teacher, not the bell, dismisses the classes.

Dress Policy

1. Hoods off

2. ALMS jackets or sweaters

3. Tuck shirt in.


Moving Squares

Moving Rectangles

Microsoft Make Code

Fidget Spinner

Paper Circuit


Copy and Paste:  chrome://welcome

Day One

old stuff below


Python Programming Problems

solution - lesson 3 Q8


Computer Problems

Typing Stuff

Home Row Fingers


Keys and Fingers


How to Type:



Typing Assignments
Assignment 1: Easy Home Row.  Save your work as homeRow_lastName.

Assignment 2: Easy Top Row. Save your work as topRow_lastName.

Assignment 3: Easy Bottom Row. Save your work as bottomRow_lastName.

Assignment 4: Shift Key and Capitalization. Save your work as shiftCapitilzation_lastName.

Assignment 5: Basic Punctuation.  Save your work as punctuation_lastName.

Assignment 6: Paragraph.  Save your work as paragraph_lastName.


Use this link to do your assignments:

Typing Test:
If you have 45wpm, 90% accuracy, you can skip the typing assignments.

Old Stuff

Week 18: Dec 7 -11 Scratch Programming

Scratch 7 - Dice
1. Learn to define a variable.
2. Understand the difference between local and global variables.
3. Be able to distinguish the different data types.


Start Here
1. Download this file into your id:
2. Follow this tutorial:
Make sure you add comments to your code.  Save your work as Scratch7_lastName.
3. Download this file, answer the questions and turn it in to your DropBox:


Scratch 8 - Shoot the Bird

1. Learn to define a function.
2. Learn how to use a function in a larger program


Start Here
1. Download this  file into your id:

2. Follow this tutorial:


Assignment due Friday Dec 11
1. Scratch 7
2. Scratch 7 Questions

3. Scratch 8

Scratch 8 - Shoot the Bird demo

Scratch - Dice Simulator

Scratch 7 - Dice Demo

Week 16-17: Nov 23 - Dec 4 Scratch Programming

1. Create animations and image effects
2. Learn how layers work in Scratch
3. Play sound files and compose music


Assignments due Friday Dec 4
1. Scratch 4 - Fireworks
2. Scratch 5 - Comments
3. Scratch 6 - Broadcast


Scratch 4 - Fireworks
Download this file:

Sample work:

Handout tutorial:

Save your work as Scratch4_lastName


Scratch 5 - Comments
1. Download this file:
2. Follow this tutorial:
Make sure you put comments for each block. Make sure your name is in the comment.
Save your work as Scratch5_lastName


Scratch 6 - Broadcast
1. Follow this tutorial:
You can choose your own characters and dialogue.  No need to copy the video exactly here. Some ideas:  comic, play, etc.
Each character must say  5 things.
Save your work as Scratch6_lastName

Week 15: Nov 16 - 20 Scratch Programming

Assignment due this  Friday Nov 20
1. Handout - Module 1
2. Scratch 1 - About Me program
3. Scratch 2 - Get the Money game

4. Scratch 3 - Catch the Apples


This week's Objectives

1. Learn  about Scratch motion and pen commands
2. Animate sprites and move them around the Stage
3. Draw artistic, geometric patterns and create simple games.

4. Learn how to use the cloning command.


Scratch 2 - Get the Money

1. Download this file:

2. Watch this purpose:
3. Video tutorials
Scratch 2 - part 1:

Scatch 2 - part 2:

save your work as scratch2_lastName


Scratch 3 - Catch the Apples

1. Download this file:
2. Download the tutorial:
save your work as scratch3_lastName



Math Objectives
 Coordinate geometry
a. coordinate plane
b. x and y axis
c. origin
d. rotation, degrees, translation


Some math has been used in our game making.  Here's a link that shows how math is used at Pixar.


Extra Credit:

Week 14: Nov 9 - 13 Scratch Programming

All old assignments due by this Friday Nov 13

Today's assignment due next Friday.


Assignments due Friday Nov 20

1.Do the Module 1 handout OR use this link

2. Scratch 1 - About Me program


Scratch 1 - About Me program
Objective - Write a Scratch program that tells something about you.  The program needs to have:
1. sound
2. pictures
3. movement
4. speech (words on the screen)
save your work as scratch1_lastName


Example 1:
Example 2:


Scratch website:

Week 13: Nov 2 - 6 Scratch Programming

Scratch 1 - About Me


Your Scratch file will have the following:
1. Movement
2. Sounds/Music
3. Pictures

Due Friday Nov 13
Save your work as scratch1_lastName


Extra Playtime
Follow these
1. Video 1:
2. Video 2:

Week 12: Oct 25 - 30 MS Powerpoint

Powerpoint 1 - Nursery Rhyme
Objective - Learn how to use powerpoint to make a nursery rhyme.

music for storyboard:

Words to the Bubonic Plague Nursery Rhyme
Ring around the rosy
A pocketful of posies
"Ashes, Ashes"
We all fall down.

Ring-aRing 0'Rosies
A pocketful of posies
"A-tishoo! A-tishoo1"
We all fall down!

video tutorial: OR

due Friday Nov 6
Save your work as powerpoint 1_lastName

Week 9: Oct 5 - Oct 9 MS Excel

Excel 2 - Charts
Objective - Learn how to use Excel to count the number of items and to make a pie/bar graph

Start Here
1. Copy and paste this to your Excel:
2. Video tutorial: OR
3. Bar graph tutorial:
4. Pie chart tutorial:

Save your work as:  Excel 2_lastName
Due date:  Friday Oct 23

Excel 1 - Gradebook
Objective - Learn how to make a weighted gradebook using Microsoft Excel

Start Here
1. Video Tutorial:  The math behind weighted gradebook:
2. Follow this Excel video exactly:
3. Copy and past this to your Excel  :
. Then find the score and grade of the three students based on the new weight (70% computer project, 10% quizzes and test, 5% notebook, 5% participation, 10% homework).  There is no video for this part.  You must make the gradebook yourself.

Save your work as Excel 1_ lastName
Due date Oct 23

Extra Credit -  Halloween Gimp - Blood Text
Follow this:
Make sure to turn in the png file, not the xcf.

Extra Credit 2 - Gimp Pop Out
Use this picture as your background:
Follow this video:

Week 8: Aug 28 - Oct 2

Catch up with assignments.

Week 7: Sept 21 - 25 MS Word

Word 3 -- Resume
Objective - Use Microsoft Word to make a resume.

Start Here
Video Tutorial:
Make up your own details or include info from here:
Save it as word3_lastName
Due date 9/25

Word4 - Walmart Job Application
Make this application using Microsoft Word:
save your work as Word4_lastName

Start Here
Video tutorial 1:
Video tutorial 2:

Finish work:

Week 6: Sept 14 - 18 MS Word

Objective - Learn how to do Google search
Start Here
1. Answer these questions:
2. Read this New York Times article
3. Answer these questions after reading the NYT article: .

Wednesday and Thursday - Word 1
Objective - Learn how to use MS Word to make a letterhead

Start Here
Use your own picture
Video Tutorial:
Save your work as:  word1_lastName
word 1 is due 9/18

Sample Work:

Friday - Word 2
Objective - Redesign the ALMS letterhead using Microsoft Word

Start Here
1. Watch Video Tutorial Part 1:
2. Watch Video Tutorial Part 2:
Important Notes:  The redesigned letterhead will have
a. the ram logo
b. principal name is your name
Save your work as word2_lastName
word 2 is due 9/25

Sample Work
1. Current ALMS letterhead:
2. Final product:

Week 5: Sept 8 - 11 Gimp

Gimp 3 -- Layer Mask
Objective -- Learn how to use the layer mask  tool

Start Here
1. Find a picture on google and save it in your id folder
2. Open your photo using gimp
3. Follow this video tutorial
4. Save your work
5. Export as gimp3_lastName_per2B.png
6. Turn in your png file on school loop

Due Date
Friday Sept 18

Sample work
Final image:


Gimp 2 - Quick Mask
Objective  -- Learn how to use the Quick Mask tool to edit part of an image

Start Here
1. Find a black and white photo
2. Color part of the photo using Gimp
3.  Put your name in your picture.
4. When done, save your work as a Gimp file (.xcf) 
5. Export your work as an .png file and turn in the .png file on School Loop
6. Name your file as gimp2_lastname_per2B.png

Video Tutorial:

Sample Work
Final image:

Due Date
Friday Sept 18

Week 4: Aug 31 - Sept 4 Gimp

Gimp 1 - Removing background
Objective - Learn how to remove background from an image using the GIMP software.

Lesson Vocabulary
file types, extensions
.xcf, .png, .jpg
alpha channel, transparent, layer

Start Here -- Video Tutorials
Directions:  Find 2 pictures, one an object and other is a background. Remove the background from the object and combine it with the other picture as the background. Turn the final picture into grayscale and type your name in your final work.
1. Learn how to save your work video tutorial:
2. Gimp tutorial on removing background:

Sample Work
Image 1 -- Object:
Image 2 -- Background:
Final product using Gimp:

Week 1-3: Aug 12 - 27

Go to
Start with Easy Home Row words and work down.

Important Notes:

1. Before you begin typing, watch this video first:

2. Before you begin Easy Top Row Words, watch this video first:

Whetyping assignments.png
When you finished the 6 assignments above, do this typing game:

Typing Test
1. Home Row Keys:
2. Top Row Keys:
3. Bottom Row Keys:
4. Two minute Final Typing Test:

Today's date

CSTA Standards

Download and install GIMP

Useful Info for Scratch

Microsoft Word Quick Reference

How to save your document

Usefull Resources for Website Building