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Principal's Message

April 13, 2018

Dear Alta Loma Parents and Supporters,

As principal, I have a strong desire to continue developing a family atmosphere strengthened by bonds of camaraderie, trust and support with our parents, families and teachers.  Indeed, one of the Board-approved LCAP goals of our district is to enhance our parent and community engagement and participation with Alta Loma activities.  I firmly believe that the mission of the PTA is to further this effort and be the center of this great movement of mutual cooperation and unity.

Without the efforts of the PTA, we would not be able to function as a school.  We owe a debt of gratitude to the PTA for so many dedicated and supportive actions including:

  • Helping pay for 6th, 7th & 8th Field Day & trips
  • Helping fund 8th Grade Ceremony
  • Providing teachers/staff with a $100 allocation expenditure
  • Providing teachers/staff several luncheons throughout the year
  • Donate money towards school necessities (in the past--outside benches, curtains in Ram Hall, library, computers)

Thank you to everyone who has volunteered, supported and been a proud member of the ALMS PTA thus far.  We are in danger, however, of not having a PTA next year because we do not currently have volunteers for our main officers.  To function as a PTA, we need to have a President, Secretary and Treasurer as a baseline to legally constitute a PTA organization.  Please help us preserve our honorable organization!  We need you!  We are currently looking for the following PTA Executive Board Officers:


  • Manage overall objectives and strategies of PTA
  • Assist in recruiting all PTA Committee Chairs 
  • Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA meetings 
  • Create agenda and facilitate monthly PTA board meetings 
  • Create school calendar Principal-signing responsibility: facility permits, checks, etc.
  • Attend (or designate someone else to attend) monthly PTA Council meetings (consortium of the PTA Presidents from all SSFUSD schools that meets in the District Office). 
  • Maintain current procedure book to pass on to succeeding officer.

Vice President:

  • Support/Assist President in leading PTA towards overall objectives and strategies
  • Perform the duties of the president in the absence or disability of that officer to act.
  • Attend PTA sponsored workshops or trainings. Become familiar with the duties of each chairman. Attend meetings as requested by the president.
  • Attend monthly PTA Council meetings as appropriate.
  • Maintain a current procedure book to pass on to succeeding officer.


  • Attend all PTA general meetings and all PTA board meetings. 
  • Take minutes at PTA meetings. Forward to president for review, and then submit minutes for inclusion on website and on bulletin boards. 
  • Make copies of the minutes for the next PTA meeting so they can be approved by the membership.


  • Generate the PTA budget. 
  • Prepare the annual tax return. 
  • Inform committees of budgeted funds. 
  • Pay bills and reimbursements as required. 
  • Oversee ongoing PTA finances, ensure adherence to approved PTA budget. 
  • Prepare and present budget report for each PTA meeting.
  • Record deposits that come in to PTA. 
  • Send donor acknowledgement letters.


  • Keep records of programs and events at Alta Loma
  • Tally all volunteer hours

Be assured that if taking on such a responsibility appears daunting or unfamiliar, there will be training and support available by able mentors and experienced PTA Executive Board members.  We will all support each other! 

Our students and teachers and parents need and deserve this wonderful PTA organization.  Now is the time to build for the future.  I will help the Executive Board with all my being and continue to galvanize our great community resources to help grow our greater membership.

Please volunteer for the Executive Board!  Your contributions will create unlimited value and benefit for the Alta Loma community.

Thank you in advance for your consideration!


Michael Reichle