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Mobile Cart and Rm 33 Computer Lab

Please have students log off  the computers at the end of class.

Room 33 Computer Lab

Before you can sign up to use Rm 33 you need to submit your seating chart  to Seng or Shane, prior to your intended use of the room.

Please download and fill out the seating chart: rm 33 seating chart.pdf

Lab Rules
1. No food or drinks
2. Do not unplug anything.
3. Do not change the computer settings.
4. Clean up after yourself before you leave.

Mobile Carts:
Tablet Cart, Laptop carts A,B,C
1. Have students log off at the end of class.  Do not shut down.
2. Put the tablets/laptops back in the cart  in numerical order -- lower numbers on the top row and larger numbers on the bottom row.
3. Make sure the adapters in the back are plugged in. This will keep the tablets/laptops charged for the next teacher.
4. Please allow enough time at the end of class for #1,2,3 above.

If you have technology issues with these carts please send one email to Seng, Shane with the details as soon as you are aware of the problem so we can fix it as soon as possible.

mobile cart reservations