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Tardy Policy

Tardy Policy - Zero Tolerance

"Being on Time" is one of the All School Rules and is an important habit to develop. 

  • School starts at 8:45 A.M. 

  • Students arriving up to 30 minutes late to school are considered tardy.  If a student is late because of a medical appointment, parent, car trouble, etc. the student must be brought into the Attendance Office by a parent to avoid receiving detention. A note or phone call is NOT sufficient. After 30 minutes the student is considered truant by California State law and should report to the Attendance Office.  Students late to any class by 30 minutes or more are truant. Students may be assigned after-school detention or Saturday School, and will be referred to SARB if this behavior is excessive.   ·       

  • Students are considered tardy if they are not in the classroom sitting at their seat or in the boys or girls locker room when the bell rings. Teachers or the Assistant Principal will contact the student's parent or guardian when such behavior persists.   

  • Students who are habitually tardy and fail to complete the teacher's consequences are Exhibiting defiant behavior. Students may be referred to the Assistant Principal for serious disciplinary action (Saturday School or suspension from school).


  1. First two tardies handled by the teacher/recorded in the attendance system, teacher notifies parents.

  2. Third tardy - given lunch detention—Post Card sent by teacher (Copy to AP) - 2nd parent notification.

  3. Fourth tardy given lunch detention—Referral to AP, given afterschool detention & reflection - 3rd parent notification.

  4. Fifth tardy –Referral to AP (write number of tardies on referral)—Saturday School, 4th parent notification.

  5. Sixth tardy—–Referral to AP (write number of tardies on referral)— 1 Saturday school and 1 afterschool detention.

  6. Seventh tardy-Post Card sent home by teacher (Copy to AP) - two Saturday school assigned.

  7. Eighth tardy and more —Referral to AP—Saturday school and  afterschool detention.

**If tardies persist student may lose the class for the semester with an "F" grade--Student is placed on a reduce day--Parent notified by AP.