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Our Vision

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At Alta Loma Middle School, the faculty and the staff create a safe and fun place for students to learn, grow, take risks. We inspire, challenge, and encourage students to persevere and to succeed. Through innovation and creativity, we provide students with opportunities to develop curiosity and hope for the future.

Our students act responsibly. All members of the school community respect one another and exhibit integrity by demonstrating the values we hold in our daily behavior.

We promote the learning of life skills that help students function successfully in society. Students also learn essential skills and knowledge to prepare themselves for success in high school. In this process, students develop questioning, as well as critical and analytical thinking, as foundations for lifelong learning.

We all strive to achieve success in school by developing a balance in our lives , academically, emotionally, and socially. We promote values and behaviors that support healthy bodies and healthy life-choices.

Toward these ends, we:

Experience, promote, and support the enjoyment of learning.

Empower students to make informed life-long choices.

Consistently engage in reading for both their enjoyment and their education.

Work cooperatively and collaboratively - and contribute to a spirit of unity.

Strive to include all in a 'family' spirit in classrooms, in the school, and in our activities.

Express our own joy in performing service as a way to model citizenship to our students.

Help students define their own values and set goals for their own growth


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